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ADLER Mediation

Foto of Dr.Peter Adler  (c) Adler 2012

ADLER MEDIATION OFFICES are a team of experienced mediators.

"People do not burn for compromises, they burn for reasons and attitudes" (Christian Kern, Austrian Chancellor, May 2016)

"People do not burn for compromises, they burn for solutions" (Peter Adler, International Business Mediator, February 2017)

We deal with conflicts

A conflict is defined as a difference, difficulty or dispute; or something that causes disharmony or tension.

We offer analytical and guidance-oriented advice to influence organizational efficiency, to develop conflict resolution and to develop solutions where necessary, whether in the department, the department, critical project groups, customers or property.

We accompany the daily practice as an intermediary, jurors, consultants and trainers and provide us with the abilities and processes required to effectively manage conflicts.



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Conference on Intellectual Property Conflicts in Vienna

Philipp Groz, Peter Adler, David PerkinsOn 2.3.2018 there was a high-profile panel in Vienna: Prof. Peter Picht (University of Zurich), Philipp Groz (Schellenberg Wittmer), Sam Granata (Court of Appeal Antwerp), David Perkins (WIPO Arbitrator and Mediator), Prof. Jacques de Werra (University of Geneva), Christian Loyau ( ETSI), Alesch Staehelin (IBM) and Claudia Tapia (Ericsson).


Consultation on Collective Redress - European Parliament
On 21 February 2018, the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) of the EU Parliament held a hearing on collective redress mechanisms; Topics: lawyer's success fees, out-of-court dispute resolution procedures such as mediation, forum shopping.

​​ SOLDAN Moot in Hannover
On the 13th and 14th of October 2017 the SOLDAN Moot took place in Hannover.
Peter Adler was invited as a juror


Victor Schachter in Zagreb in front of Croatian lawyers ...


Adler Mediation Offices with 2 Experts at the VIAC CDRC Mediation Moot

Seventy professionals from more than 25 jurisdictions around the world brought their experience and expertise to their work, experts from governments, law firms, colleges and universities, mediation institutions and training companies.

Foto Dr. Peter Adler
Dr. Peter Adler

International Business Mediator
Vienna/Wien/Becs, Graz/Gradec, Zagreb

1190 Wien, Billrothstr. 86/2
mobile +43-676-3 699 699

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